Sunday, 3 January 2016

Welcome, 2016

At this busy time of year, my online ramblings have slowed - but that's only because everything else sped up! Since my last post, we have hosted several pizza parties here, with Matts' new and improved pizza oven starring once again, impressing all with the organ-like stacks billowing smoke. Firstly, it was his work party - around 20 people. The next day was an intimate gathering of 'Wowza's' - fellow WOW entrants Jessica Thompson and Erica Gray and their partners, and the indomitable Janet de Boer and Peter. Awww, such a cute couple! Sadly, the photo I have of these two sweeties that should go with that comment is on my camera, which has gone AWOL, much to my dismay, and absolute frustration! I have turned the place upside looking for it, which has at least led to some tidying up!
We enjoyed talking about past and future entries, as only the truly addicted can....
Then another firing the following weekend. So much pizza. So good! A few weeks were spent lying low, trying to rest my left arm (suffering from old injuries and RSI), which meant I got some solid work done at the computer on my TAE qualification. (This will enable me to be a tutor at TAFE when completed in May.) The first module was mind-numbingly boring, and resulted in much wandering around the house and particularly towards the fridge in the search for something more satisfying - fortunately, the second is much more real and quite enjoyable. Hopefully also less fattening! After multiple visits to my beloved physio, we decided rest was not having much of an effect, so I have thrown myself back into both the gym and the studio, albeit with another glamorous brace on my arm. It's been great to be playing back in the gym with my personal trainer Bunneh - I feel very lucky to have had her expert guidance back onto the floor - and it has been wonderful to work with my hands again, once again with wire, tubing, and bridal offcuts. It has been the best Christmas gift, to sit in the airconditioning, creating, drinking bubbles, and watching old Family Ties and Charlies Angels!
This week we went up to Woodford Folk Festival - Matts' first time, my first in about 22 years. (Feels old, saying that...) After working pretty hard, it was great to just chill, hang out, and listen to interesting music. My favourite haunt was Bluestown - no surprise there! The organic sculptures were fabulous, as were the crazy puppet creatures. Children ran screaming in terror - awesome! Not surprising - these beasts were genuinely freaky. The black and white one unspeakably so!

Murray the truck made quite an impression throughout the entire trip, and made a wonderful bed for us with a tarp draped from the headboard to the back of the tray. I'd definitely do that again!
The day after our return, Matt and I went down to the shed to work on our vehicles - he on his 1941 Buick, me on the beginnings of the great kombi makeover. It was great to see Storm again, and drive him. I hope to have him finished in time for Woodford 2016. I've been playing with some ideas in Photoshop....
By the way, I hate the formatting issues with Blogger - this looked perfectly lovely in my draft - now look at it!! Aaaaaghhhh!!!


  1. Hi Svenja
    Just wondering if you have workshops organized for your Pieced Neck Frill and/or Precious Pieces Wrap. I am in NSW but happy to travel.

  2. Sorry for the delay Leanne - my email often seems to hide comments from me!! Nothing planned as yet, but keep checking in!

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog. I went to Woodford folk festival two years ago and it was the best time of my life. I was a volunteer with the lantern parade and we made and paraded lanterns every night. I also got to be part of the fire performance which was cool.

    I also like pizza and your pizza oven looks great!

    Emmett Fletcher @ CK Physiotherapy

    1. Thanks Emmett! Yep, the pizza oven is pretty epic, and cooks a mean pizza in 2 minutes!!

    2. Thanks Emmett! Yep, the pizza oven is pretty epic, and cooks a mean pizza in 2 minutes!!