Sunday, 14 June 2015

Round Two of the National Tour starts early tomorrow morning as I catch a flight to Syd-a-ney! It seems like ages since I was in Perth, and I am quite looking forward to exploring another city.  Oh, and working hard at the Craft & Quilt Fair! I have renewed my supplies of leather to play with, and packed some other time consuming projects - it's the perfect place to get these things done! Here is one of my little leather moths moulded from scraps in Perth - with a few feathers added for his body, and sitting on some eco-dyed paper.
One of the other tasks I will be doing is painting and trimming lace motifs for this special piece I am making. After about 5 or 6 toiles, I think I know what I am doing with it now - I would have like to have had it made so I could be placing the motifs at the show, but sadly did not quite make it that far.
Last Friday, we celebrated my sister's birthday, and Jacqueline created a beautiful monoprint on an envelope to wrap one of her gifts. We were all very impressed, and although I don't have a picture of that particular one, have one of another she has recently done - just beautiful! I love the complexity of not just making the unique print, but further working into it with pen and ink. This piece is very much my aesthetic - hmmmm, wonder where I get my creative mind from?
My gift was unusual in its presentation - as I brought up a plastic bucket, my dyeing pot made out of an oxygen cylinder (perfect for shibori poles!) and a towel, some strange looks were exchanged. I had made Kiri a felted and eco-dyed scarf, and although I could have unwrapped it, washed, dried it and re-wrapped it, I thought - why not sure the excitement of the original unwrapping, for surely this is more magical than anything, including the gift itself? (I have just received this photo from my sister, and commented to her that I look totally mad - she replied that that is the artist in me....) Okaaaay...
To finish off the weekend, I did a little ice dyeing on some rayon garments - these should be ready for me to take tomorrow!!
Hmm, I think it's bedtime for this Bunneh - big day tomorrow!

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  1. I love this story about your sister's gift...!
    The photo is hilarious. Who knows what on earth you are about to do with the weird mortar and pestley thingy!
    Enjoy SYD. xx