Sunday, 7 September 2014

Work has progressed steadily on the latest project - yet I am amazed at how much time these two garments have taken! I have used the soft tooled leather feather sections I had already made, but cut new centre pieces for one in the firmer leather, which is still soft enough to sew through. The other has both front and back new leather pieces. All have now been cut, moulded, spray-dyed black, painted with Starburst Sprays, and highlighted with 'Treasure Gold' gilding wax, before being sealed and having the feather component attached.
As beloved had requested my presence at the Redcliffe Festival today, where the Studebaker Car Club was holding its' Concours, I struck the deal that I would come if I could work, and work I did, much to the perplexed interest of many a passing person. Next to me, drawing almost equal fascination, was sweltering stepson doing Physics revision!! Awesome!!

We had wonderful weather for the event, and had an enjoyable outing, as well as being pretty productive. I had hoped to do even more work, like sketching new designs and working on my fashion history notes, but stitching these leather pieces on proved to be more than enough work! Still a ways to go yet, so I'm glad I worked hard today! Teamed with the long, black satin mermaid skirts, I'm really pleased with the way these pieces are coming together. They have also been a wonderful continuation on from my entry for WOW® this year, in a more restrained style, therefore offering different challenges.

To the left are the leather pieces destined for both the front and back of the second tunic, resting on the dyed and painted silk organza that has been used for the ruffles on each piece. To the right is a detail of the tooled leather after dyeing, painting and waxing.
As those around me are already more than well aware, in two weeks we will be in Wellington for the  2014 WOW® Awards, now an annual pilgrimage for us. Can't bloody wait!! Sorry for swearing, Mum, but it's true!!

The week also kept me busy with requests for information and images from media, as I am supposed to be having an article in the local paper regarding my WOW® entry, as well as my coming stint as invited artist at the Brisbane Craft & Quilt Fair. October 8-12 at the Brisbane Convention Centre, many examples of my wearable art pieces will be there, along with myself, so come and say hello!! Ciao for now!!

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