Monday, 21 July 2014

Wearable Art Presentation to the Leathercrafters Association of Queensland

This weekend I had the privilege of  presenting to the Leathercrafters Association of Queensland a history of my work entered in the World of WearableArt, culminating in last years successful entry (crafted in leather), as well as a sneak peek at this years entry, also in leather. Not only was it a very enjoyable morning, but it was a great catalyst to start compiling Powerpoint presentations of my work. I'm glad I have photographically documented my work over the last ten years, but sorting it out to share with others is a bigger task than I imagined! Still, it has to be done, and I have to say I get a kick out of seeing the whole journey, in particular, the actual in-progress shots of dyeing, rolling felt, moulding clay, boiling shibori or fibreglassing! Exhibit A - Matt proudly shows our progress on Euphony Iridacaea in 2012.
Lots of rivets and lovely tools from the Leathercrafters!!
The Leathcrafters kindly thanked me for my time with a lovely bouquet of flowers, bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, masses and masses of rivets for my next project, some leatherworking tools, and some great tips!!
The day continued in a lovely fashion with afternoon tea in the studio. Matt could hardly believe these pictures - he asked "Is that how the Studio looks? Now?" and had to see for himself! It's true, it's normally a lot more chaotic as there are usually many projects on the go. I don't think it has looked this nice since the opening last year!!

However, I have once again spread up into the house, as I prepare to send two collections off to the Calliope Catwalk Design Awards. It's a relatively small show, but my work may as well be in it rather than sitting in a cupboard! It's amazing how few competitions or shows there are here. Speaking of shows - 9 weeks until WOW 2014!!! I was SO glad last week to receive confirmation that my two entries had indeed been accepted for the show. Oh gosh - what am I going to WEAR?!!!
Time for that later - I've got homework to be doing!


  1. Thankyou for sharing your journey with us at LAQ ... eye opening and delightful. I feel a rivet extravaganza has been seeded ... you are a textile treasure (TT) .. xx LL