Sunday, 25 May 2014

My 100th post!

So, I've been writing here since August 2011, and this, my 100th post, shares what I think is an appropriately celebratory event. Today Matt and I installed 3 of my wearable art pieces in the foyer of Central Plaza II. It was lovely to see them as whole pieces again, and I was quite amazed to see them absolutely dwarfed by the massive space! We set up Euphony Iridacaea first, as I was concerned that she would not be stable enough and might have to miss out, but with a few bricks on the base under her skirt, I was more than happy with her! I just knew I'd forget something, and that turned out to be
Fimbria Figura and Siren of the Sea, Central Plaza II
Euphony's headpiece, which she really needed in order to look complete. Luckily, I had her two foot pieces instead, and with the help of some modified paperclips (thanks Matt!) I was able to replicate the effect to my satisfaction! The next challenge was trying to dress Fimbria Figura - OMG, I had no idea how tricky that piece could be! It now being several years since I made it, I was profoundly confused by the twisting, whirling overskirt. After several desperate minutes spent turning it inside out, peering into it and trying to understand how it worked,  and finally crumbling to my knees, I went with the way it looked like it might work, which was correct! 
Siren of the Sea and meeeee!
Siren of the Sea was the easiest to assemble, and a pleasure to do so - she's just a pretty piece! I found it interesting how as I assembled each piece, they brought back memories of what was happening in my life at that time. I stopped to read one of my didactics, which described the 'painstaking process' of one of the pieces, and it even impressed me!! The things I do!! 

Back in my weekday life at TAFE, assessment presentation looms! Crazily, I am doing two, possibly three garments for this, instead of the required one. Last week I was able to make the support skirt for design #2. Using bonded foam, I cut out the pattern pieces minus the seam allowance and stitched them butted together to reduce bulk.This was then reinforced with webbing tape. This same tape came in handy when it was decided that some concentric circles of boning would help the skirt sit out firmly.
This it did, but it made it a little more ball shaped than the gentle conical effect I was going for. I made a giant blueberry!! Although not entirely as expected, I understand why, and get a giggle at the ridiculous cuteness of it every time I look at it! This afternoon I was able to pin on the shibori embellishments, and was even more pleased with the result. I have learned an amazing amount of things throughout this project.
The Giant Blueberry!

Cloudlines Inspiration Board
I have also been working on my Photoshop assessment pieces, and last week spent a day working on this inspiration board. Last semester I did this manually, as I had absolutely no idea how to do this on a computer. My how times change, and aren't I the little Photoshop addict now?!!

A big thank you to all of you who have now contributed to my 20,000+ views of my 100 posts. And alright, I know that working on better alignment of these photos within my blog is the next step - I'm on it, folks!!
One last bit of good news - the wonderful WOW folk got in touch last week to let me know that Hakaturi was now on display in the museum in Nelson until November this year. I wish I could see it!

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