Saturday, 18 February 2012

Saturday afternoon, Shandy’s, and more shibori.

Yikes! Just remembered the shibori in the pan – I really should start using a timer and definitely stop trusting myself to remember! No burnt silk today though. I’ve spent a good morning doing some fibreglassing – no crunchy hair thanks to the lovely little cap Matt picked up for me at one of the factories he visits – stoilish, no? 
They also have beard snoods  - perfect size for Mishka!! Awww, looks like he’s off for yet another operation – noooooo!!

I’ve had my first two weeks back at TAFE doing  a night class in Advanced Pattern Design – so awesome!! Even though it finishes at 9pm, my usual bedtime, I am so pumped with ideas that I don’t even care! Walking to the car afterwards also gets my heart pumping – no matter where I park it seems I have to trudge through the dark with bagloads of stuff in dangerous shooz. So anyway, I am using this class to help me work on my design for the Bernina Art U Wear competition. It was also the perfect excuse to order a half size mannequin to work on – should arrive any day now. It’s just so more workable, trying out ideas on it in paper or fabric – obviously you use less material, and you are able to see the whole design at once.
I’d heard of Julian Roberts and his Subtraction Cutting method, and now I have been exposed to the Transformation Reconstruction by Shingo Sato – here is his new book and dvd – WANT!!

So I’m going to have a play with these techniques to make quite an architectural design, which is very different from my usual ‘organic’ look. Last week I hauled out my organzas to have a play with – whilst Mish decided to explore my Japanese Slipper – cheeky thing actually tried it!! 
I need a stiff fabric, and although I love organzas' stiffness and sheerness, I found some perfect material at Trads – it’s almost like upholstery fabric it’s so stiff! And two shades of silver – perfect! Can’t wait to play with it on my new mannequin this week.

A week tomorrow and Miss Jenelle and I will be off to Grampians – I KNEW it would creep up on us! We meet tomorrow to trawl through the stash and reassure ourselves that we everything we need, and no doubt convince ourselves that we really do need to take more.
I haven’t even had time to think about the design for the felt jacket I will be making, life has just been so busy! I am happy with the progress of the WoW piece, so don’t feel too pressured about having a week off – in fact, I’m sure it will be quite rejuvenating. I did an experiment with some of my beautiful new foil this week, and I think it’s going to work beautifully. 
I’ve just sat down to try and update my documentation of the piece, and am daunted at how much has happened that I need to fill in! So that’s me for the rest of the afternoon, as most of my sewing is done and the fibreglass resin is in the process of hardening.
One last picture before I go – more madness at The Lido Bar with photophilanthropist and a beautiful mask my mother gave me ( I drove home from her house in the purple kombi wearing this!) He seems to think he disappears when it’s on….. I’m not convinced……

Happy Creating, all – I’ll catch up with you after Grampians Texture!

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