Monday, 24 October 2011

Don’t Drink & Cook.........

It’s sad that I have had to learn this lesson again. After watching the Zombie March ( a fundraising event for the Brain Foundation of Australia) limp, scream and moan to it’s final destination in the Valley yesterday, it was off to our favourite chill out bar Lock n’ Load for some cocktails.  Then it was back home for some ‘Svenja Specials’, as I began to prepare dinner. In a flash I had sliced my finger through the nail ‘not good not good not good’!!!! It will be ok, but I already miss the use of it, I know I will hit it about a hundred times today, and I can’t wait for the throb to go away.
The weekend started much better than this though! Saturday was spent in the shed, cutting sheet metal, bending wire and braising it on to my WoW structure, which I cannot show you as all must be kept secret!
The bandsaw
 When Matt's not helping me, he's working on the dashboard and new gear shifter setup in his International - can't wait to have Murray back on the road!! Here he is doing the scary job of cutting out bits of the dash with a grinder!! I know, ya gotta break eggs........!!
Attacking Murray with the grinder - eeeek!!

Doing some tricky braising for me
I don’t think I have actually stated yet that for 2012, I plan to enter the Visual Symphony section of The World of WearableArtTM – the brief for which is: Design a work of art that makes sound & will be choreographed to a music score composed especially for this section. Each garment will have its moment within the music score on the stage which will be microphoned to amplify the garments sound, e.g. the garment becomes an instrument/sound within the music composition creating an interesting soundscape.   
Until I come up with a name, it shall simply be know as The Beast.
I am getting much better at lighting the acetylene torch, and I even managed to get my gas mix right all by myself! It is going very well, and I expect to be fibreglassing it soon! In the afternoon I zipped down the freeway to my favourite fabric shop, in the hope that they might just have the perfect material for the dress. You never know what they will have, you just have to go! And I was glad I did, as I think I found the one! A beautiful purple and gold shot fabric – the perfect combination of colours! A softer fabric than I imagined, but you can’t have it all! (the photo doesn't do it justice - it's like liquid gold from some angles
Sunday morning it was off to the Redland Art Gallery to see a performance by Colin Offord, an amazing musician who makes his own unusual instruments – a perfect research opportunity for my Visual Symphony design. His performance was beautiful, and the instruments absolutely fascinating! I just stood there in awe, and I began to feel like an idiot for attempting to make an instrument when I know absolutely nothing about sound, considering this guy has spent years refining his! I didn’t really get a chance to talk to him, but I certainly was inspired, and look forward to seeing a performance by him again – he mentioned one in January on Coochie Mudlo Island at sunset – this will be wonderful!
 Having said that everything with the design is going well, I am continually plagued with doubt as I progress – have I missed the mark entirely, am I expecting too much of my limited skills, am I rushing too much without considering everything…… time for a chill and a considered reassessment, methinks.

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